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Thread: Replacing Vacuum Pressure Breaker

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    Default Replacing Vacuum Pressure Breaker

    Am making progress with replacing vacuum pressure breaker. I have not yet glued the pvc pipe coming out of the breaker;wanted to make sure there were no leaks first.
    Well I discovered that the male fitting going into the intake valve is not tight enough. I thought I had it and this being my first time using pvc am not sure how much force these things can take.
    Anyway it looks like it can handle another 1/4 turn but then the breaker will not line up with the outflow fitting. Can I simply use more teflon tape for a tighter fit? Otherwise I need to start over since I determined if I saw off the intake valve fitting there is just not enough room to glue in another fitting(whatever you call a fitting to connect two straight pieces of pipe) Advice is appreciated. BTW I will not call a pro as I'm too close to finishing this thing abut am not close enough!

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    Plastic threaded fittings should be assembled hand tight as far as it wll go, then about 1/2 to one turn by wrench. Further tightening will usually damage the threads and prevent a seal.

    Two wraps of teflon tape, add some teflon paste if you wish, that's enough. While you can use more tape on metal fittings, on plastic this usually causes problems.

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    Default Pvc

    1. Your first mistake may be using PVC INTO the valve. I never do that because it is very easy to snap it off. At least if you have copper into the valve, the PVB can be shut off using one of its valves, when the outlet PVC breaks.

    2. You use Teflon tape and screw the valve on as far as it will go, not as tight as you think it has to be.


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