Good morning,

I just found this forum. It's great and I'm hoping some of you folks can help us out.

We are building a 2nd/retirement home (log) that will have six toilets (4 bedroom bathrooms, including the master; 1 "common" main floor, and 1 "common" basement. The toilets receiving the most usage would be the "common" toilets and the master bath toilet. The other bedroom toilets would receive much less use.

Obviously we have many, many other areas competing for our limited funds while building this home (e.g., efficient windows, HVAC, EPA II fireplace, etc.). However, I would like for us to get high efficiency, high performance, ADA toilets if possible. From what I've read we would want the elongated bowl.

What would you recommend for us? Our builder is recommending the Mansfield 114-112 and I've read some good things about the American Standard Cadet 3 elsewhere... both would run us less than $200/toilet. While we want toilets that will flush every time, won't leak, and won't constantly need repairing, we can't break the bank for this item in our construction project.

Any insight and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!