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Thread: Replacing Vacuum Pressure Breaker -PVC Glue Drying Time

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    Default Replacing Vacuum Pressure Breaker -PVC Glue Drying Time

    Hi.I'm the one with the broken Wilkins Vacuum pressure breaker. I have a new unit and pvc pipe and various fittings. This is my first time working with PVC pipe.How long do I need to let the primer and cement dry before turn on the water to the system?

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    Read the side of the can to be sure, but I always wait at least 30 minutes here at home.

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    Primer dries very rapidly, but I agree that at least 30 minutes on the solvent welds is wise. Not only before you turn water into it, but before you move or twist the joint.

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    The glue we most commonly use does not use primer, but the directions say that you can pressure test after an hour and full strength is reached at 24 hours depending on temperature and humidity.

    Here are some instructions taken from this page: http://www.sprinkler.com/info/install_manual
    Gluing Pipe and Fittings
    Make sure all surfaces that are to be glued are clean and dry. Apply Primer to both surfaces thoroughly and evenly. Generously apply glue to both surfaces, quickly pushing them together while twisting (about a quarter of a turn.) The glue will dry in a few seconds, but will not reach its full strength for about 24 hours.

    I always wait 24 hours on any main line (line that always has pressure), but a half hour is fine for lateral lines (only have pressure when the valve is on).


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