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Thread: Tub spout leaking

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    Wanted to update tub & shower faucet/spout, went from a Moen screw on tub spout w/diverter to a Moen slip fit spout with diverter. Cut off threads on end of pipe, sanded, etc. The "O" ring ended up folded inside the spout, got it out but not sure how it goes back in. Only place I'm able to fit it is where the compression screw is. Turn on the water, spout leaks, turn on the shower diverter and water gushes back. Tried another "O" ring thinking the other got damaged, same thing. Copper pipe and spout are 1/2". Is anyone familiar with this type of spout?

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    I am gathering that you had a copper pipe with a male adapter soldered on. When you cut that, it would be essential to file the end of the pipe to a smooth bevel all around, and use some plumbers grease to make the new one slip on smoothly.


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