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Thread: I had to bite my tongue...

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    Default I had to bite my tongue...

    Went to HD to help my ex-wife select a new sink for her mobile home. (We couldn't live together, but remained friends for almost 50 years) As we were discussing our options with Smock Man, a lady was standing nearby obviously needing a word with him. It seems she had bought not one but two Glacier Bay toilets and both of them were leaking. She was most unhappy. Smock Man directed her to the manager. All during this brief discussion, I had to bite my tongue so as not to say, "You should get a Toto".

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    Those glacier bay toilets are like $80.

    I've never installed one but they have ratings on the shelves on which ones are good flushers, 1 being tops.

    I believe that one comes in around...8.5?

    In other words, you get a free plunger with the purchase.
    Read what the end of this sentence means.


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