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Thread: Replacing roof, thinking ahead...

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    Default Replacing roof, thinking ahead...

    ...So we had a hailstorm, roof is getting replaced. I'm thinking ahead to my not-dead-yet-but-could-go-any-time water heater replacement.

    Of course I haven't picked out a model yet, but I want to cover my bases... I'm thinking of having the roofers put in a vent while it's all apart, in case I go with a powervent-type tank heater.

    Is there a standard size, or a "so big they'll all work" vent size?

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    Power vent heater vent out the side of the house, similar to a dryer vent. Power vent heaters cost quite a bit more than standard vent models, so that might be a consideration. If you decide to go with a standard vent model, then putting that vent in now would be very wise. If you don't put it in now, it could still be done later, but not as easily. A power vent is quite easy to vent as they use 2" PVC. Research the pros and cons of both types of heaters, then decide which way seems right of you.


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