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Thread: Kinetico #60 replacement head?

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    Default Kinetico #60 replacement head?

    Hi All:
    I have a Kinetico 60 that's given good service for more than the 10 years we've had this house, but now it fills the brine tank and stays in the regen mode. Disassembling the control head reveals one of the metering vanes has stripped its gear, not allowing the cycle to progress. Also, a soft rubber part has almost completely turned to mush. I understand a Kinetico rebuild is pricey. I also understand starting from scratch is far cheaper and worthwhile. However, here's my question: Are resin tank threads all the same? Moreover, can I replace the head with any other brand, still using (only one of) my resin tank(s) and brine tank? I suppose I'd have to get a brine tank float ass'y to match the new head. Am I crazy? Yes I am, but also willing and able to go the extra mile to save a few $$. Please don't be afraid to suggest a complicated solution. Thanks in advance...

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    Are you capable of putting it back together properly? If so, post a picture of the parts you need.. I have some good used parts that might work for you. Chuck

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    Or, you could buy a new twin tank control valve for your tanks.

    Your tanks may be very small and using just one may not work well for you.

    If you can't fix the Kinetico, I say you are much better off buying a new softener online and installing it yourself or hire a plumber to do it. I suggest it have a Clack WS-1 control valve on it.
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    Good call,

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