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Thread: Cant disconnect pitless adapter

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    The lever pulls up. The bigger issue is what are you going to do once you have it out. You're going to either have to find the same pitless, hope the one you have survived, or dig up the casing and replace the old one.

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    That makes sense, I looked down the inside of the pipe and thought it looked like some sort of screw.How far do I unscrew it and does it allow the lever to go up or down? Do I then need to pry the fitting apart or will it just seperate?Thanks so much for the info.Gary

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    SWEEEEEEET, Thanks Anna Mae your a life saver.I cant wait to tear it out and fix this leaking system.I was just outside and looked down the pipe and see exactly what your talking about.Thank you very much,Gary

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    No problem letting pressure off, something is leaking in well.At least the drop line wont have any water in it.Thanks again,Gary

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    I just rapped it up.The last company to "fix" the well didn't install a brass nipple like they told me they did. The nipple rusted out just like it did a few years ago.I guess they didn't want to spend $8.00 on brass since they were only charging me 2000. Thanks for all the help especially to Anna she saved the day.Gary

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    I believe I have the same type pitless adapter as you and I am having the same problem. I feel like I am missing some posts in thread because I am not sure how you actually unhooked your pitless adapter. Who is Anna Mae and how did she say to do it?



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    Better late than never so they say. So for future reference for others inquiring about this adapter...

    It's most likely a Weises. Made by Weises Inc. of RisingSun, Ohio. Don't think they are made anymore... and more's the pity because it is a great pitless adapter. The pics below are of my Weises.

    There's also a possibility it's a Merrill:


    The Weises pitless adapter is made of bronze and inside the top is a 3/4" threaded bolt with the top formed into a key (think it's stainless as it's non magnetic) with a slotted end. To turn it, you need to take a black iron or galv. Iron water pipe and pound one end to flatten it enough so it will fit snugly over that key. I forget what I used.. 1/2" pipe most likely but it might have been 3/8. Will check later and edit this. So you slightly flatten one end of an iron pipe, add a t-fitting and two small pipes at the top to make a handle, and insert your new tool thru the tee, into the pipe down to the pitless. Then you unscrew the key. When you do, it lets the tension off the "foot" and the rubber gasket at the front of the pitless comes free and you can then pull everything up.

    Once the pitless is loose, pull out your tool and stick a rag or something in the end so if you loosened the key too much, it won't fall out. I neglected to do this once and the key was a royal pain to find again since it's non-metallic and dragging with a magnet was useless. Luckily my GF found it and saved the day : )

    Oh... make sure to make a mark on the casing where the tee at the top is set so you can line up the pitless the same way when you reinstall it.

    I'd love to have another Wieses pitless, shame they are so rare now, but I might check out the Merrill.

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