I've got a leak or bad check valve and need to pull up my pump.I've never done this before but last time I had this same problem it cost nearly 2000.00.It was just a rusted nipple but I was told I should opt for a new pump,What a rip.Anyways I couldn't figure out the pitless connection but what I'm looking at online seems as if mine is of the "cable"or "spring" type.There is no cable on it but it has a piviting lever that contacts the side of the well.I pulled and pryed as hard as i could like an idiot until I noticed the lever.I tryed to make a hook out of some old copper tubing that was laying around but no luck.What should I do to unhook this thing? Am I on the right track??The well has been running all summer on 5 sec. off 15 sec. 24/7.I thought this was the case but only verified the problem after a 300.00+ electric bill.Thanks for any help you can offer