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Thread: Cant disconnect pitless adapter

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    Default Cant disconnect pitless adapter

    I've got a leak or bad check valve and need to pull up my pump.I've never done this before but last time I had this same problem it cost nearly 2000.00.It was just a rusted nipple but I was told I should opt for a new pump,What a rip.Anyways I couldn't figure out the pitless connection but what I'm looking at online seems as if mine is of the "cable"or "spring" type.There is no cable on it but it has a piviting lever that contacts the side of the well.I pulled and pryed as hard as i could like an idiot until I noticed the lever.I tryed to make a hook out of some old copper tubing that was laying around but no luck.What should I do to unhook this thing? Am I on the right track??The well has been running all summer on 5 sec. off 15 sec. 24/7.I thought this was the case but only verified the problem after a 300.00+ electric bill.Thanks for any help you can offer

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    Not sure about your pitless. On mine all I do is thread a pipe into the top of it and pull up the pump. What I can tell you a motor will not survive long continuously short cycling like that. You should have disconnected it the minute you noticed it. The fact that yours is still running after doing that for a month is kind of surprising to me. In any event when you do pull the pump you might as well replace it or expect to be pulling it again real soon.


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    I'm hoping its going to be so easy once I figure this dang thing out that I'll replace the pump next time.The last time this happened the pump was 15 years old and it did the same thing for months.It was still working fine and only replaced it on recommendation of well company.I'm sure I'm pushing my luck but just can't spend the money right now.Doesn't anyone have a suggestion on how to "release" this pitless connection?

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    I'd look at that last $2000 invoice and see if they made any special notations on it as to pulling the pump in the future. If this is what I think it is it's referred to as a spider pitless and can be a pain in the butt to remove. Normally there is a steel cable that you can pull up on to lift up the rear leg so the adapter can be pulled to the rear of the casing and then lifted up out of the well. If not I would see if there's a way you can make up a hooked device to pull up on this rear leg to be able to pull the pitless back and then out of the well. Let us know.

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    After I make up a hook and lift the leg will the adapter slip apart or am I going to have to make up something to pry it apart also?

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    ... thread a pipe into the top of it and pull up the pump.
    Whatever else you do, be sure to have a good grip on that pipe before releasing the adapter!

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    Always make that pipe into a Tee handle that is wider than the casing by a few inches so the handle overhangs each side of the casing.
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    This is most likely what you have down the well. A standard pitless puller will not work. You need to have both the cable that pulls the latch up and the cable that keeps the pipe from falling down into the well. If the latch cable is not there you will need to fabricate a hook. Also make sure there is another strong cable attached to the drop pipe. You may very well want to have a well company come out and do this as they will have the hook.
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    Thanks for all the info.I made up a hook today at work I hope it will be strong enough to lift the lever and release the adapter.Theres already a "t" on the end of the upright pipe so I cant possibly drop it into the well.I havent decided if I want to try this after work or wait until the weekend.Who knows what part/parts I'll need and theres no plumbing supply nearby.I hate the idea of leaving it as is until Saturday though.If its the check valve is it usually pary of the pump or seperate? Is there a certain brand/type I should get? Thanks again,Gary


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