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Thread: putting two sinks in place of one..how do I drain

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    Default putting two sinks in place of one..how do I drain

    thanks in advance to anybody that can help.

    I currently have 1 sink in one of my bathrooms with a long countertop. I will be taking out the sink and installing new cabinets with a new 1 piece composite top with built-in double sinks.

    There is currently only one drain for the existing sink.

    Question is ..can I simply route the drain from the new sink location and tie it in with the old drain location similar to what is done in the kitchen with a garbage disposal on a double sink?

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    Default drain

    It can be done, but it is a very sloppy installation, especially with a long countertop. Since you are removing the cabinet, a better way would be to have a plumber extend the drain and water lines in the wall to the new location.


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