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Thread: price pfister shower installed at 90 degrees

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    Default price pfister shower installed at 90 degrees

    Finally I figured out what is wrong with my PP Ox8 JX8 shower installation: idiot previous owner!!! installed shower by turning it 90 degrees. In other words he connected hot and cold water pipes to where shower and tab pipes where suppose to connect. Here comes a question: do I have any other options besides cutting a tile and redoing the whole thing??? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!
    btw I have only shower and no tub

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    On the other side is outside brick wall of the house

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    Default shower

    IF that is really what happened, then there is NO option except to install it properly. But it raises several questions because the operation of the valve would have been so erratic that it should have been unacceptable.

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    It was messing up not just that shower but the whole plumbing functionality in the basement. We just never used it much...
    Ok, I'll have to hire someone to do the tile work. Or hope that aliens will come some day and help me
    Thanks everybody!!!


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