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Thread: Toto toilet, Hardware items for installation

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    Default Toto toilet, Hardware items for installation

    Hello. I bought 2 Toto toilets Eco Drake plus seats (model no. CST744E and CST743E). I understand that some parts (seals etc.) have to be purchased separately.

    My friend who is having extensive plumbing done will "lend" me her plumber to install my toilets and I would like to have everything he needs on hand. I only have his services for a couple hours.

    What extra parts will he need to complete the job. Thanks so much. AMedici in Los Angeles

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    The only things I can think of are the wax rings. The actual toilet parts are all included, but the wax ring must be purchased separately. Now, there are a couple of choices in rings. First, do not get the kind that has a plastic horn or funnel. What you want is what I term a "Plain Jane" wax ring, but there are a couple of choices with them. If your flange is properly installed, it sets on top of the finished floor. If that is the case, then a standard ring is all you need. If the flange is recessed slightly below the floor level, then a thicker ring would be best. If the flange is seriously lower than the floor level, you should let the plumber determine what to do. Probably extension ring(s) but let him advise you.

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    These are our instructions for installing the Toto Drake toilet, though really this works for pretty much any toilet.

    Instuctions for installing a toilet

    Install kit for toilets
    Notice that the bag of bolts includes four nuts and four washers.

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    Thanks for the tips, and the quick response. It all worked out well.
    I'm back in business.


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