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Thread: Water level in in wall tank toilet systems

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    Question Water level in in wall tank toilet systems

    My husband and I are thinking of installing an in wall tank,wall hung toilet system in our new bathroom. It is being completely rebuilt so wall access is not an issue. I really liked the ones I used in Germany and I really like the floor space they can save. My husband , though is concerned about the water levels that sit in the toilets themselves.
    Is there a brand that has a deeper in-toilet standing water level? His concern is that there may be more odor if the solid waste is not covered by water before flushing.
    Thanks a lot for any advice.

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    Some of the toilets I lived with in Germany had almost no standing water in them, and the waste ended up on a ledge. The flush valve had a large volume that washed it off. I didn't particularly like it, but it was what was in my apartment, and was seen elsewhere.

    The gravity flush, wall-hung toilets' water surface area and depth is mostly determined by how much water it uses per flush. Unlike an old one from way back that might have two gallons or more in the bowl, when you only use 1.6g or less to flush, you need to be able to exchange ALL of the old water and then some, if you want to ensure a totally fresh supply, and not just some diluted crap from the last use. So, the water spots and depth are smaller on all of the new toilets. Some compromise depth with area, assuming whatever lands there won't be very thick or piled too high. Some are fairly deep, but don't cover much area, with the possibility of the waste not hitting the water spot. This has nothing to do about it being a wall-hung toilet or not, it's a design consideration of the brand and model chosen.
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    It's true that "washdown" flush toilets like the Aquia wall-hung have relatively-smaller water spots than conventional flush toilets. There is a deeper inner area and a wider area that is less-deep. There are videos on youtube of them functioning if you want to look. The wall-hung Aquia actually has a wider water spot than the non-wall-hung bowl.

    I personally think it's kind of a non-issue. If one is depositing a lot in the toilet, give it a courtesy-flush while still on it. Problem solved! There aren't too many instances where a courtesy flush wouldn't be welcomed by a floor-mount but would by a wall-mount.

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