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Thread: Long run for hot water

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    Default Long run for hot water

    Since moving into house, the Hot water to kitchen sink has always needed to run about 15 seconds to purge cooled water from line. House originally built in late 70s. Doing some planning for a bath remodel, I was in the crawl space and noticed, what I would think is an unnesessary long supply line. The line runs from the water heater about 17 feet directly under a wet wall with supplies serving two baths, Then in makes a 90 turn and travels 14 nore feet and makes another 90 (completing a U) and travels 12 feet back to the kitchen sink. The kitchen sink is about 10 feet diagonally from the water heater.

    The only think I can think of is they wanted the kitchen faucet at the end of the line maybe with the theory that it would have less effect on the showers earlier on the line? Anyone know if this was a common or rational method back then?

    If that was the reason with new valves for showers would it matter any more ?
    One of the showers now has a pressure balanced valve and the other will ve getting a thermostatic.

    Could use recirculation I'd guess but run still seems unnecessarily excessive.

    Was thinking I could easily use a manifold about 5 feet away from the heater and then would have a 12' line serving the baths and about 7 to the kitchen form the manifold.

    any familar with anything that sounded like this setup? Thoughts about my resolution....?

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    you have two choices.

    1) You can cut and cap the existing line after the two baths and reroute the line directly from the heater. (the lass expensive option)

    2) You can add a return line from your kitchen to your heater which will give you instant hot water at all your fixtures. They even make a retrofit pump where you don't need to run any more copper.


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