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Thread: DIY Sewer Mainline Replacement Plan

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    Default DIY Sewer Mainline Replacement Plan

    I have tree roots growing into my clay pipe sewer line. I have had a camera sent down the line showing the root invasion in several of the joints. Since the first backup I have snaked the line yearly to prevent problems but this year the roots beat me to the punch and had a backup after 8 months. The wife says enough and wants the line replaced. The camera showed the roots invading the line underneath my property but not underneath the road before the sewer tap. My city will issue me a permit to work on the section before the right of way so I am going to try this myself rather than drop 8 grand. Here is my plan.

    I have gotten the plat for my house and know exactly where the sewer line is located. It is 6-7 feet deep at the house and 4-5 feet at the sidewalk. It is a 37 foot run from the house to the sidewalk. I plan to rent a mini-excavator to dig the trench and hydraulic shoring equipment to shore the sides. I am well aware of the safety issues here. Code requires 6 inches of pea gravel below the pipe and minimum 1/4 inch drop per 1ft run. I plan on using gasketed SDR-35, ASTM 3034 approved pipe which is accepted here by local code. Shielded Fernco couplings, guessing cast iron to plastic at the house and then plastic to clay at the sidewalk. Plan on installing cleanouts at the house and sidewalk.

    1. What do you recommend using to make a clean straight cut on the clay pipe to accept the Fernco?
    2. Any issues to think about when backfilling to avoid affecting the line?
    3. Anything else?
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