I posted here before about replacing the galvinized water supply line coming into the house on a century home. I have since contacted the City and works department. They tell me for my area the maximum size pipe I can run from outside meter valve to the inside of the house is 5/8. And I would need to obtain a permit, and have a plumber do the connections and have the city inspect the connections on com[pletion. Im ok with that...The water meter in the house the max size they use for my area is also 5/8. As the home owner, they tell me I must supply them a drawing with my intentions, a bill of materials list of what I will be doing as well as copies of the property survey. Would the drawing they are asking for be something I draw out neatly describing where and what I intend to do?? or is this something a I have to have professioanlly drawn up?? Does this sound logical what they are asking me for? I assume, I can still do the labour work of digging the trench, just not the actual connections?