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Thread: If they've got Bill wrong, I'm dead

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    Default If they've got Bill wrong, I'm dead

    The weather forecasters keep saying that the 125 mph hurricane, affectionately named "Bill", that appears to be heading straight for the East Coast, near which I live in the Great Nation's Capital, is going to do a last minute u-ey and save us all.

    They might get it wrong.

    If you do not hear from me on Monday then you can fear the worst.

    And you West Coast fellas can start expanding your yards eastwards.

    I hope thay are not Bill sh!tting me.

    Time to bury the power lines.

    Fortunately I have a Zoeller sump pump and GFCI receptacles which should protect me in the event Bill makes a head on to my house.

    If it strengthens to a Category 4, I may need to consider a Zoeller Aquanot II. But let's not jump the gun.
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