I just moved into an aprtment in Nashville ,Tn about six weeks ago. Few days after I moved in, I notice that the toilet bowl was just foaming. First, I thought my little girl poured soap into the toilet. I was mad at her. Few days later, I noticed that the toilet just started backing up and foaming-this time, my dauther was not home. A few minutes later the kitchen sink started doing the same. Their is this very bad odor that is coming from the gabage disposal in the kitchen.
I have used baking soda and pinesoul to clean the gabage disposal, but the smell just keep coming.
The last one month, I have tried to use my air condition, but the stench that comes from it is just so bad-it smells like sewage. I found out that the apartment have a septic tank not connected to municipal lines. I am not sure if the source of all these problem is the same.
Please, what shall I do to eliminate these problems?