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Thread: Overhead aerial lines crossing my property

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    Actually, it is the power companies that prune the trees from the electric/power lines, at least where I live.

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    They typically can not and will not trim trees on private property. Besides that though, they were too busy taking profits the past few years to spend money to maintain their infrastructure...that is the root of the problem.

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    Oh, no they do here Jason. Now, only the branches that overhang, interfere with their power/electric lines though. Here, what they do, is they come a knockin probably every 2 years and they ask if they have your permission to trim, to prune. I walk outside with them and they show me what they want to do. I have no problem with it. I got to admit though, sometimes, after them doing it so many times, it kind of ruins the tree. I have 2 in the front that are ratty looking because of it. But, it is better than having the line coming down due to ice or winds. This one entire side of our road looks this way, then, Jason, if you check out the other side of the road, their trees are nice, lol. What can I say. It is the highest wire, with the phone, cable under it, so it does protect those ones, too. I don't know about your state but here they do, it might be worth a phone call to see if they can help you, I would call. The phone company and the cable they don't prune or trim. At least here.

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    They generally have an easement so many feet to either side of the line
    They can cut within that easement anything that endangers the line
    In most cases they ask before going too far
    They hire the cutting out to outside contractors - tree cutters etc
    Up here in one case they did not ask & the contractor cut down everything a wide swath
    Owners were very upset
    But with economy etc I don't doubt everyone is looking to cut costs

    A large Oak died near the wires, they only cut down what was hanging near the wires
    Despite the fact if it comes down it will take the entire line with it
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    The trees in this area get butchered to death when the contractors come in and trim the trees.
    Read what the end of this sentence means.

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    Yes, it is called an easement in gross, where they (public utilities) have limited rights to use my property to maintain their poles, wires, etc. I cannot interfere with that, just the same I would be prevented from building a structure where it would block access to a sewer easement. Same thing. Same kind of easement. When the treemen came they asked me, and were willing to take less off if I wanted. I let them do what was best.
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