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Thread: Toto Gwyneth/Drake II/UltraMax???

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    Default Toto Gwyneth/Drake II/UltraMax???

    I thought we had finally decided to purchase the Promenade, but one last trip to the bath store convinced my husband that he prefers the Drake II (formerly the Gwyneth?). Doing research on it has confused me a bit. This is what I think is the correct lay of the land:

    The name "Gwyneth" was changed to "Drake II."

    The "Ultramax" is the old "Gwyneth" but is a one-piece toilet.

    The "Drake II" is also the old "Gwyneth," but is the two-piece toilet.

    The "Drake II" comes with SanaGloss, an elongated bowl (no round bowl available), ADA compliant seat height, double cyclone rinse, requires a 12" rough, and is 1.28, but can be converted to 1.6, if necessary. Correct?

    If so, my question is: Is converting the Drake II to 1.6 difficult for my plumber to do, and does it affect the quality of the flush or cause more problems down the line? (We currently have a 14" rough, but my plumber is moving it to 12" for us.)

    Another question: Here's the spec sheet I found that Terry posted:


    If I order this toilet, should I order it with this model # (CST454CEF(G), as a "Drake II," even though it's listed as a "Gwyneth"?

    Finally, in selecting "Cotton White" or "Colonial White," which is the better "generic" white? We purchased this vanity, which as a very creamy, bright white sink.

    Thank you for all your help.
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