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    So after reading many, many of these threads (and after posting my previous thread about a leak in my existing new Jacuzzi toilet), I'm probably just going to return the Jacuzzi one from Lowes and buy a Toto.

    But can someone recommend one?
    It looks like Drake (or Dalton) is a more cost-effective one but they come in different styles. I don't want to pay too much (previously paid $135, but look where that got me).

    I see that they range in price in the $200 or so range but there are different models.

    Does anyone have a suggestion and where to go? I live south of Denver. (would rather purchase from a store)

    Also, where are these manufactured?

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    I think you would be quite happy with the Toto Drake. This is the best selling model in the Toto line. As to your query as to where Toto manufacturing plants are located, you first must change a mindset that most Americans have. That is, Asian and other foreign countries and make quality products, but there is one major "IF" that must be present. IF there is ridged quality control. It is this component that is lacking on many of the imported products we see today. Toto maintains a quality control second to none. That said, you will find Toto toilets from several Asian countries as well as the United States. Each part will fit perfectly with other components from other countries. Of course, it is the superior trap designs that really make them work so well. The best way to find a dealer near you is either the Yellow Pages or this web site. http://www.totousa.com/Default.aspx?tabid=185

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    Thank you for your response to both of my posts.
    I called lots of places, as I really didn't want to order it online and take a chance of it arriving damaged, and found my local plumbing speciality store near me carries this toilet, even though they weren't listed on Toto's web site. And they had a better price.
    I never even heard of the Toto line till I came to this site.
    So thanks for the great information here!

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    Water Works of Denver may be able to help you too.


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