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    The Toto Promedade comes with a soft-close seat that has two features I do not like. First, the lid has a curve, sort of a crown, as compared to being flat, so you cannot sit on it or put things down on it, without them sliding off. Second, the seat itself is curve inwards and down toward the center of the bowl. I am used to an old fashoined seat that is flat on top. I do like the soft close feature.

    Are there other seats with soft-close that Toto makes that will fit the Promenade toilet?


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    Toilet seats essentially come in two shapes - round and elongated. Toto does make others that would fit - they make one out of painted wood, and heavier units designed for commercial use. I do not know if the ultimate shape is the same.

    Any brand would fit, but the curve or color may not match as well. What is standard is the location of the mounting bolts. You could probably use the anchor bolts from Toto to install a different brand.

    Personally, I don't use my toilet seat as a storage platform, so the crown doesn't bother me. After a week or so, the curve of the seat isn't a problem, either. It does help to center you and help minimize skid marks that you wouldn't get with a flat seat.

    How long have you had it? Have you actually used it yet? I'd give it a trial of at least a few weeks, then decide if you needed to replace it.
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    The Church 585 is nice and flat. Here it is on a Toto Drake.
    If you like sitting on a plank, then this should please you.

    If you have a cute round butt, the the seat below may feel better to sit on.

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    I don't think the phrase "cute round" has applied to my butt since I was about 6 months old, but I find the SS114 to be as comfortable as padded seats used to be.

    This is the new SS114 seat by TOTO. It's not dished as much.
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    If you want a Toto and your toilet is elongated you can use the SS214, i have the Soiree and it is a flatter seat.

    As mentioned any make will fit.

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    Thanks for all the replies. The Church 585 looks more like what I have been used to. I am beginning to get used to the SS114, but you cannot lean back like you can with a flat lid. Anyhow, will give it some more time as jadnashua suggests.


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