I have an A.O. Smith 50 gal, I assuming it's an 80s model and a Utica gas-fired boiler, again, possibly from the 80s. I have a 4BR, 2B 2200 sq. ft. home in NY and was thinking of switching to a tankless wh as part of the NYSERDA Energy Star Program. Doing so, in addition to other measures I've taken, would qualify me for 25% cash back on the entire workscope.

My question is, given where I live, would a tankless deliver adequate pressure and temperature for 2 simultaneous showers? From what I've read, the tankless units drop the pressure when under more than one load. I'm a big fan of high pressure and don't want a trickle of hot water coming at me if someone else is showering at the same time. I don't have any multi-sprayer showers, just one tub/shower and one standalone shower with a showerhead and handshower...they cannot be run at the same time.

Does it make sense to go tankless, or should I replace the old boiler and wh and get a boiler-fired solution. From what I've read, those seem to be the next best as far as energy efficiency.

Please advise. Any info is great appreciated.