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Thread: Oh no, well stopped working!

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    Default Oh no, well stopped working!

    As my username implies, I don't really know the first thing about wells outside of me getting my water from one. So needless to say, I'm in panic-mode with my well no longer doing the water thing (I use only the most professional of terms).

    I collaborated with my dad on trying to fix the thing (as we've done once before), and he knows a little more than I do, but he's still far from an expert. We tried swapping out the pressure switch, since well, from my dad's perspective it could've been the problem, and from my perspective it looked old and nasty and prone to not working. No avail. We tried testing the electronics of the pressure switch and the lever-thing that switches the well on and off, it's all hot.

    I'm sure I'm not divulging a huge amount of relevant information to you guys, but being able to DIY this would be sweet, so if anyone has any theories or "I've seen this before" conjecture, I'd love to hear it.

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    Is the pump above ground or in the well?

    Assuming a submersible pump, the wires/cable leaving the switch, do they go to a box and then out to the well? Or just out the the well?

    At the well, can you hear/feel the pump running?

    If the cable/wires go out to the well (no box), do you have power at the well (remove the cap and there probably are wire nuts. You are fooling with 240vac so shut off the power until you are ready to test for voltage.

    You have a low producing well or you wouldn't have a switch with the lever on the side. You do rotate the lever to the Start position and hold it there and the pressure gauge stays at 0 right?

    You can do ohms and short readings, go here:

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