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Thread: Here I am...Kicking and Alive

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    Default Here I am...Kicking and Alive

    Last friday my son Jacob and I went to do a water line foundation break about 20 miles from my home...All went well pigtailing out of the foundation with 3/4 K copper and packjointing back on to the polly that had broken right at the foundation...we started at about 10 AM or so and pulled away from the job at about 3 PM...traveling home I was about 1 mile from my exit when I started getting extreem pressure on my chest...but that was the only symptom...I told my son I was going to go to the hospital which was at the next exit up about 4-5 miles to the emergency room doors from where we were and if I passed out to take the wheel and keep going...He said pull over and he would drive but I didn't want to take the time...I made it to the emergency room and got out...that was the last thing I remember until I came to with a forced breathing tube in me keeping me alive...they had to restrain me because I started kicking and trying to remove the tube...so they upped my Diprovan (Michael Jackson) and put me back out...next thing I remember was waiking up at 2AM monday with a different breathing tube in me...after a couple hours they removed it...and I just got out today Thrusday...My heart stopped 3 times and they had to use 200 Jewles by-phase on the paddles to get it started all three times...I had 100% blockage on the main artery...it is called a widow maker heart attack...because it is so rare to come through it...they told me that since the Hospital opened about 2 years ago I was the only one they can remember making it through...

    Just a little up date for ya all...now I am going to go lay down and rest.

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