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Thread: water hammer arrestor location ?

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    Default water hammer arrestor location ?

    Ok, the plumber is finished w/ the re-plumbing of the house except for the laundry area in the basement. He left this area for me to do since he had to leave for a large commercial job up North (which was known when hired him - so he didn't abandon me). He is coming back to look over what I do and for air test when have this area completed.

    Question is where would be the best location for the hammer arrestor?

    Currently plan to put arrestor on horizontal 3/4" supply just before the tee that splits to go to kitchen sink & laundry branch. It is an Sioux Chief S652-A which is rated for up to 11 fixtures. So, since there are only three fixtures (kitchen sink, laundry tub sink & washer), it can handle the load. The plumber thought it might be better to locate it on the vertical 3/4" pipe that goes to laundry tub & washer.

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    I think the measurement is fixture units, not physical fixtures. You'd have to look up what each one of those things is designed for and then total them.

    An arrester is only needed close to fast closing valves. The ones that are most likely to make any difference are those for the washing machine. They work best, the closer they are. The idea is to absorb the piston effect of the flowing water when it slams against a fast closing valve. The dish washer could possibly use one, too. Too far from the actual valve, and there's enough force to still give problems.
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    If your concern is the washing machine you can get a washing machine box with the hammer arrestors as part of your valve assembly.

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