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Thread: Smelly basement drain

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    Our 40 year old house has developed a smelly basement drain. We have sewer flies in there, too. We have poured lots of water down there, some bleach, and some insecticide to kill the flies (all at different times). The flies are now gone but the smell is still there. I've plugged it with a rag and covered it - smell is gone. I've read somewhere about a plugged vent stack - but I'm not sure what this is or how to look for it. Please Help.

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    Does this trap hold water in it?
    If it is dry, then the smell comes up because there is nothing to hold it back. Thats what the water is for. Obviously stuffing a rag in it will stop the smell, but that is not a cure. Also, sewer gas can be a very deadly issue if not dealt with.
    The vent pipe usually terminates approx 12" above the roof ,its approx 3" in diam. Look for a nest or some other type of blockage in it. Sometimes putting a water hose down it with a stream of water will open any small blockage.
    But firstly, check your basement floor drain trap to see if its holding water. Good luck Hube

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    Also, if there is water in the trap and still the stink in my experience it would indicate a blockage even partial in the line hence the reason for the drain flies which breed in decaying matter etc...


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