Ok guys I need some help newbie to all of this

here is the setup trying to help my pop out

3/4 horse lake pump plugged into outlet 10 feet from shoreline 115 line run from outside outlet to a 30 amp circuit which is on the main electrical panel for house

Coming directly off the pump has a 4 valve spicket like this http://www.berryhilldrip.com/images/62032FauPic.jpg in which 3/4 inch polyethylene tubing is connected. He primarily only uses 2 of the four lines. First line has the "stake in ground sprinklers" coming off the tubing for watering the lawn covers the lawn great...

2nd line is for watering a garden bed

The most efficent way @ the moment is he walks down into the basement to turn on the circuit which turns on the pump (not very pratical)

Question for this post so I can better understand the fundemntals

Is their such thing as pump start relay with a timer built in timer? This way its simply turns on the pump and only 1 valve is open (single zone) which waters the lawn based on a schedule. In my limitied reading it sounds like most pump start relays are connected to a irrigation controller. However its sounds like a controller is neccessary when you have multiple zones (valves)? If we wanted to keep this really basic as to simply control 1 zone....Does such a pump start relay exist.

Any other suggestions are welcome

thanks in advance