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Thread: lavatory drain alternative to pop-up

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    Default lavatory drain alternative to pop-up

    I'm installing a lavatory (with overflow) with a single hole, single handle faucet with no pop-up lever because I dislike them a lot. But now I have to find an alternative. Of course there is the old rubber stopper type, and I am actually considering that. But I'm curious about lift and turn ones, push button types, and a flip-up version. Then there is this one: http://www.fixtureuniverse.com/produ...?family=329110
    Anyone with experience with any of them them? Do they hold water? Can you remove what you need to for cleaning? How does that last one work? I like the way it looks, but can't figure out from the picture what it does.
    Thanks for any help.

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    It's just what it says it is...
    You pull out the plug!

    I would go with the lift and turn.

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    Default Thanks!

    Thank you for the suggestion.
    Re the photo of the pull out, does it recess completely? The left picture looks as if it might, but then how does one get hold of it?

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    Default pull out

    From the picture at the bottom is is just like a 1920 pull chain and plug. There are all kinds of alternatives to a pop up. Push/push racheting ones, push/pull, lift and turn, etc.


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