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Thread: Going to Seafair Hydroplane races in Seattle

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    Default Going to Seafair Hydroplane races in Seattle

    Going to Seafair in Seattle. Seafair lasts for days in Seattle.
    They rope off a portion of the lake South of the I-90 bridge and the part above Seward Park.
    They bring out the consession stands, sell food, and people line up along the shore and in the boats, tied up to the log boom.
    It's a city wide part, held in the best month of the year for Seattle.

    This is the view, sitting on the shore of Lake Washington.

    Lot's of people keeping cool in the shade and in the water between races.

    Did I just slip this picture in?

    The Blue Angels were also flying overhead for entertainment.

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    Who is sponsoring the U-37 boat now?

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