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Thread: plumbing: old drain pipe, supply lines, curb

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    Default plumbing: old drain pipe, supply lines, curb

    I've completed the demolition of my old shower, but am puzzled now. I am on a slab foundation. My drain pipe is not centered, and it rises about 2 inches off the slab. It does not appear to have weep holes, and I cannot remove it. Is it necessary to have the weep holes, and does it need to be removed?

    From what I have read, my next step will be to lay down my curb, which is another challenge. My supply pipes rise 8" above the slab where the curb should go. Should I make my entire curb 8" high, or just the part by the pipes?. Should I use 2x2's instead of 2x4's so my curb will be on both sides of the pipes?

    Here are some pics of my issues:




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    You will need to replace the drain with a new one, weep holes for sure.

    If you go to www.johnbridge.com you should be able to get some mud pan instructions.


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