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Thread: Need advice - 3 pc. shower (48"), Whilrpool (60"), and fans

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    Default Need advice - 3 pc. shower (48"), Whilrpool (60"), and fans

    Hi Folks,
    Took your suggestions on a Toto toilet last year – great advice. I’m now seeking advice on 48” shower enclosures, a (separate) whirlpool tub, and exhaust fan options, all for a slightly larger than 10x10 new bath we're putting in our dormered roof. Cost is an issue, but we don't want to skimp too much on quality.

    Shower: We have a 48” x 36” space which we’d like to fill with a 3 walled tub enclosure with seat. Considering the Lasko 1483-DTS (mentioned earlier), as well as the Sterling Advantage™, Series 6203 with seats & wall unit, and the one-piece Kohler K-1539 Terracina. Any thoughts?

    Also – recent consumer reports (I know they failed on the prior toilet reviews) mentioned the Kohler Devonshire as a high quality water jet tub at a reasonable price. Any thoughts? If I get the skirted version, can I put a 4” strip of Corian or similar on top of a small shelf I'll have built at the back so that I can put a center-mount faucet and hand shower? Skirted tub is 32" wide, so I'm hopeful I can have the center-mount shelf built out. If I raise the shelf a few inches, is semi-gloss paint enough on the verticle wall arae, or do I *really* need tile or some other material as a backsplash (and if so, how big?).

    Finally – bathroom is a little over a 10x10ft. area. Wondering about exhaust fans. Thought two make sense – one lighted unit above shower, another above toilet (toilet is on opposite corner of bathroom from shower in a slight alcove, but that is not doored). Thoughts on capacity I should seek and brands? Should I install the shower unit directly above shower stall?

    Any advice on any / all areas is much appreciated.
    Best regards,

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    One of my suppliers like the Kohler one-piece shower units.

    I've installed Lasco, and I would say they're ok, but not something to brag about.

    For fans, I would think something in the 90 CFM range would work.
    If you're using a fan/light near the shower, I would have it in front of the shower and center it.
    I wouldn't put in within the shower. Why have the sound of the fan in your ears. I like the Panasonic fans, very quiet and easy to install.

    For tubs, I like some backsplash where the wall meets it.

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    I believe the codes look for about 7 air changes per hour, which is 5600 cuft in your room. A 90 cfm fan gives you 5400, so is about right. Personally, I prefer to get at least 10 changes, meaning you need 8000 cuft per hour, or about 130 cfm.

    If you use 2 fans, you would need to ensure adequate ability of fresh air to enter the room, such as at least 1 ½" at bottom of door. Otherwise, one fan might backdraw.

    To put a unit over the shower, it must be rated for that location. I know you can get fans and lights rated for use IN the shower; not sure if there is a fan/light combo so rated.

    Noise is a big factor. You will get grief from you spouse over the years if the fan is too noisy. She will refuse to turn it on and then you will have moisture problems.

    The price will go way up as the sones come downl but I definitely recommend that you not exceed 1.0 sones. Panasonic seems to have the best combination of high CFM and low sones. I would lean towards one large (130+ CFM) fan/light, and if you need extra light over the shower, just use a shower-rated recessed can light.

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    If the bathroom is on the top floor, look into the www.solatube.com site. Free light and you can add a fan kit. The kit has the fan remote from the unit, so it could be a long ways from the room. It's quiet, anyways, but having it remote means you may want to have an indicator lamp or a timer on the fan. I've had mine now for 5-6 years and really like it. You get an amazing amout of light out of the 10" skylight, too; about the same as a 300W bulb in full sunlight, without the UV or heat from a real window.
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