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Thread: Shower faucet hookup

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    Default Shower faucet hookup

    I'm getting ready to install a Delta shower-only faucet, which will require some soldering, something I don't have a lot of experience with.

    This model takes threaded nipples. Is it better to do the solder connection first, then screw in the nipple, or attach nipple first and then solder up the rest? Does the copper nipple keep enough heat away from the faucet body?

    Do I need to take apart the faucet to avoid frying the internal parts. (Is that even possible?) Does the soldering affect the teflon tape on the screw-in fittings?

    Also, what do folks think of these new pre-soldered fittings?

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    Most Delta have male threads on the body. This makes it a 2-way, since you can insert a copper pipe directly into the fitting and solder it; or you can use a female adapter.

    In any event, if you use threaded adapters, it will be easier if you can insert a piece of copper a few inches long and solder that to the adapter before screwing it on. This may or may not complicate the connections in the wall.

    Either way, when soldering on or close to the valve body, it would be recommended to disassemble the valve. They will take some heat, but why take a chance.


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