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Thread: Shower Arm Diverter - Pressure issue?

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    Question Shower Arm Diverter - Pressure issue?

    I want to install a diverter at the shower arm to use a handshower.

    I have been looking for a while and found brands like Hansgrohe and Danze who sell them for $30 to $50 . While at HD today I saw a Danco for $15 .

    When looking at it closer, only a small water access is open...probably 3/4 of the 1/2in opening is blocked .

    Won't this kill the water pressure? Are the other brands like that too? Unfortunately this is the only brand I can find in a store and would have to order the other brands online...want to know if someone owns a brand with a full 1/2in opening. Is the big price only because of the brand or do they let more water out?!

    (Hope this makes sense...I should have taken a picture!!)

    Thanks for your help.

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