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Thread: Extending an Existing Well

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    Default Extending an Existing Well

    Hello. I have an existing Well, with a 6 inch casing, and is 200 feet deep. The water level has dropped 25 to 30 feet in the last 35 years. I have added as much drop pipe as I can, without pumping sand. My question is, Can a 6 inch cased Well be extended?, and if so, would it fall under a different permit guidline such as (repair), to eliminate any new grouting, and New Well Permit?

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    Thanks for the reply, but maybe I worded my question poorly. I want to have it drilled to 300 feet, thru the existing casing. What is a K-pack?

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    A asked a friend of mind. This will vary place to place. He said you would NOT need a permit in his state and grout will not matter as it will not be possible.

    Thanks for checking


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