Just discovered this forum and spent a bunch of time reading older posts. We are in the process of building a new home and spent a few hours yesterday at our local plumbing supply store.
We were planning on getting Toto toilets but this particular supplier only carries Kohler. He was recommending the Kohler Santa Rosa (sp?) and the Kohler Cimarron (sp?) as their top 2 toilets and basically said they should be just as good as the Toto.
I found a thread on this forum from 2004 where the Cimarron recv'd some pretty negative reviews, both on its own, and as compared to the Toto models. Have the Kohler toilets improved since 2004?
Here's the question, are the Kohler toilets any good (they are not cheap, at least here in Toronto) or should we just go to a different supplier and get a Toto, and if so, which Toto model? We like the one piece models and are very concerned about "a good flush". (We have 4 kids who spend a lot of time in the bathroom!)
TIA (Thanx in advance. - I have a lot of reading to do on this forum)