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Thread: Toilet tank overflows

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    Default Toilet tank overflows

    Hi everybody, I just registered because I have a problem with my toilet that I couldn't find anywhere online, so I'm hoping you guys and gals can enlighten me.

    The problem started with my toilet tank constantly leaking into the bowl, which was more annoying than troubling. Then a couple of days later, when I went to flush the toilet, the tank kept filling up with water until it was leaking out of the flush handle. It's not a problem with the height of the float ball, because whenever the water level raises it to the proper height it does engage, but then instead of stopping the flow of water, it causes a constant surge of air to be pumped through the bottom of the tube, not the overflow tube, but the other cylindrical assembly I don't have a name for.

    I'm guessing that either the fill tube needs to be fixed/replaced, but if anyone knows what I'm talking about then I would really love to get some feedback. Thanks for your attention!


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    It sounds like new flapper and new fill valve time.

    Even though it doesn't bother you that you are wasting gallons and gallons of water, it should be stopped.


    This is a fun link

    If your toilet has a leak, you could be wasting about 200 gallons of water every day. That would be like flushing your toilet more than 50 times for no reason!
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    Hi Terry,

    Thanks a lot for your response, I'm going to look into replacing those parts, but just so you know I haven't been letting the toilet leak, I've been turning the water to the toilet on and off whenever I've needed to flush. That's good to know anyways though, I never knew a leak could cause that much waste.


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    Hey Terry,

    Thank you so much for the advice, I just finished replacing both the fill valve and the flapper and my toilet works like new. I really appreciate your helping me on my way to self-sufficience.



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