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    I just noticed I got a tomato plant growing out of my gutter. I got to get a ladder to pick them when they ripen. lol. Next year, watermelon.

    Is this unusual?

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    I have a sister in law with tree saplings growing in her gutters.

    For many of us, however, we try to keep our gutters relatively clean and free-flowing. My favorite product to do so is called "gutter brush." Looks like an oversized (5" diameter) bottle brush which you place lengthwise into your clean gutters, and keeps leaves, twigs, maple seed propellers, etc. from building up.

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    I actually clean my own gutters, but I have been alittle busy lately, , and we had alot of rain and I have a deck garden with tomatoes growing, basil, peppers, so, I guess a seed must had blown up there, either way, it is pretty neat looking and when I noticed it, made me laugh. I can't wait till tomorrow to show a little neighbor kid, he will get a kick out of it.


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