I've searched the site for an answer but couldn't find one so I'm posting it. I have a Fleck 5600SE V2 single backwash softener with a single tank. I've never felt that I have the "right" times set for each of the 4 cycles. I realize there is probably no right time as each situation is different. The cycle I'm most concerned with is the brine rinse as the time available runs from 2-60mins. There is only my wife and I here and we don't use a great deal of water. Currently I have the recycle use set for 1250gal. I have the cycle times set now for: 10min backwash------10min brine rinse---------10min rapid rinse-----and 6min brine refill. I have found that with a longer refill time the float shuts off the water. I see there is a relationship between the brine rinse time, refill time and water level in the brine tank. Anyone have any thoughts on this.


brian in mich