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Thread: Amusing.........sort of.

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    Default Amusing.........sort of.

    This breaks my rule for political type posts here but here goes:

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    I enjoyed the clip.

    The older I get, the more I know, and the less I feel connected to the wheels of how it's all run.

    It was funny.........sort of in a grim sort of way.

    But Monday's softball game was good.
    I hit a triple in one game, and my daughter got a home run.
    Now that I'm older, I get to play with my kids instead of just watching.

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    My sister is going through that teenage phase with my niece where your parents are embarrassing and she's upset because not long ago she was her world.
    I told her kids go through those phases
    When there little your there whole world and can let go of you.
    Then there a little older and they want you when they are scared or confused.
    Then the teenage years and they don't want you in the same country as them.
    Then they become adults and they become your friend.

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    I am against National ID cards. Back in the days of WW2, in communist and socialist countries you couldn't go anywhere unless, you showed someone your papers or you were under arrest immediately. A bad bad thing and that recording, Matt, isn't that wrong. I know here when I call into my light company, certain credit cards companies, the recordings says, " we see that you are calling from ***-***x-***x and the last name on this acct is ...***x ***xx and your acct number is... *** *** *** if this is correct push #1...

    Just to see what would happen I lived alittle and pushed #2 and this recording sounded so human like because it sound suspicious of me, when it said, " oh, we are sorry we will try again." Being that I am human, I had to push the button even further, I then, pushed #3 then another recording came on, this one sounded angry saying, " we will now connect you."

    When the human came on, the person said, " isn't your phone number, ***-***-***x?" I said, " yes." She asked me why I pushed... the number 2 button. Seriously, I couldn't answer her because I was laughing too hard.

    Yet, seriously, this is a problem. National Cards has been an ongoing thing off and on, since the 70's. Once in awhile this comes up before the Senate and Congress and people go crazy and swamp them with phone calls.

    I never want to see this. But you know what? This will eventually happen. To me that is a sad sad day for my kids and all kids, and all people.

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    "Parents are the bones on which children cut their teeth.
    by Peter Ustinov


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