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Thread: Full Remodel - How do I stub out for vanity drain?

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    Default Full Remodel - How do I stub out for vanity drain?

    I have a 1960's house and have gutted the main bath.

    The sink tailpiece was soldered to a length of copper pipe with a copper 90, soldered to a threaded male adapter screwed into the cast iron drain assembly coming up through the slab. I could duplicate what was installed previously but it seem like I would need a large escucheon to cover the large hole in the drywall to get it over the flange at then end of the tailpiece where it would connect to the p-trap.

    Is there a better method?

    What do I use to stub out prior to hanging drywall?

    I am not a plumber but logic tells me I want a sealed connection from the tailpiece connection on the sink side of the drywall back to the cast iron.

    If anyone could post pictures it would really help.


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    Go back to the machined tee and start over with PVC piping so you can make the changes and not have to worry about the piping down the road. The repair to the wall can be made with plaster of paris without the need for a scussion.

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    Thanks for the reply. I did attempt that route and found almost all the pvc pieces I needed except a transition from 1 1/4" pvc pipe to the 1 1/4" chrome tailpiece.


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