Does anyone know if there is a sump pump durable enough to be installed outside in a window well? I live in the Midwest where the temperature drops below freezing in the winter.

Steady periods of rain (6+ inches in a couple days) will cause water to slowly come up through the bottom of the window well and spill into the basement around the frame of the window. This only happens about once a year, but it involves a finished part of the basement.

I have observed during these heavy and prolonged rainfalls that water will tend to pool about 10 feet from the window well. So I also intend to put a french drain along the back side of the house.

I would like to dig down in the window well and install a sump pump, in case the french drain idea does not solve the problem. An outdoor plug receptacle is about 20 feet from the window well.

Is this a workable idea? Are there outdoor sump pumps that are made to withstand winter weather? I do not anticipate any water in the window well except during the spring and summer when the area receives heavier rain.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks!