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Thread: Broken drain Snake

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    Default Broken drain Snake

    The head of the rented snake I was using snapped off, in the drain.

    Tried to get it with another attachement, What now???

    Tried to get it with a coat hanger, it was only just into the pipe, it must be right there at the bend.

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    • What where you rodding?
    • What size snake?
    • What type of cutter?
    • Any pictures?

    They do make special retriever (funnel auger) that can hook the broken cable and bring it back. But I do not recommend someone that is not experienced in running a drain machine to do this themselves. Things can go wrong real fast. I average about 100 calls a year where people rented rodders and had the same thing happen to them. Some where smart and called me right away and I was able to help them with minimal impact. Others that tried themselves and snapped of more parts or got hurt really bad, ended up tearing out walls, or tearing out floors or digging up the sewer to go after the mess they had.
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