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Thread: Silestone Installed Right

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    I just had silestone counters installed. My wife was here and they were done before I got home. They used pieces of wood every few feet laid across the countertop (kinda like slats in a bed) and set the counter top on top of it. There are several problems:

    One you can see a gap between the top of the cabinet and bottom of the countertop. (L shaped kitchen)

    Second, the extra height makes all the appliances not fit properly.

    Third, it seems like these slats are simply a accident waiting to happen. I envision the first heavy thing placed in between a area between the slats, the countertop cracking.

    My question is, is this normal? It looks unprofessional, like I did it myself.

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    If it's 2cm thick, then they should have put a layer of plywood underneath attached screwd to the top of the base cabinets. I haven't seen slats before be put on, but that doesn't mean that method is not correct, just that I haven't seen it before. But if it's 2cm thick, I don't believe there is enough support in between. If its 3 cm thick, then they could install it directly on top of the cabinets.

    In any case, if you see gaps and the appliances don't fit right, then the job is bad regardless of the method used.

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    When the countertop is built up like that, an appropriate bullnose should be used for appearance.

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    Default slats

    The countertop is usually only raised like that so the appliances WILL fit correctly, often because the dropped front would make it too low for the dishwasher, etc.


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