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Thread: Need some info. on TOTO toilets

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    Default Need some info. on TOTO toilets

    Hi, I'm new to Terry's forum, it has a lot of great info. I glad I found it.

    My wife and I are doing a complete remodel of our bathroom. Right down to the studs.
    We would like to install a Toto toilet. The model we are looking at is the Neorest 500.
    Does anyone have any input about this model. Like, can it be install by a home owner with some plumbing and electrical experience. Or is it to complex a job and should only be done by a Pro. Or any pro's or con's.

    We're also replacing the tube with a shower (60X34) we'll be using all moen products. The exact temp vertical spa. Hand held shower, rain shower head, and 4 body sprays. One Exact Temp value and three
    volume control value.
    I will post another question about the plumbing for this job in the plumbing forum.

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    It takes longer to install the Neorest.
    But a handy homeowner should be able to do it.

    Since you have the studs open, it would be a good time to put the waster supply in the right place.
    They spec the water at 11.5" to the left of center.
    The supplied shutoff comes with a threaded stop and chrome nipple, so you might think about a drop ear in the wall for the nipple.

    Or if you stub out copper, you can add a male adapter to the end of that.

    It take me about four hours to install one of these bad boys.


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