My vent stack roof boot is leaking. I'm guessing it has something to do with a 3" boot over a 3-1/2" vent stack.

Is my roofer a moron or the plumber? I'm guessing the latter since boots come in 3" and in 4" and nothing in 3-1/2" that 10 mins of Google can find... I wonder what you think.

I'm thinking I need to cut it off in the attic and make it 3". 4" if the city says so. Not a big deal... I just hate fixing other peoples' stupidity, and I think there was some involved.

Also: separate rant. Anders Lign compression fittings (the ones with the integrated sleeve in the compression nut) are crap, and it's all the home stores sell now. 4 for 4, two different boxes of type-L 3/8" soft copper tube, all leaked. Going back to John Guest fittings

Thanks for letting me vent

Ha ha, get it?