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Thread: No water running

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    Default No water running

    I had recently purchased a property that the water had been turned off due to unpaid bill. After the bank paid the city and cleared the full payment certificate, I went to the city water department to have them turn the water back on, but they told me they never turned the water off, all I need to do is to hire a licensed plumber to turn the water on. The plumber turned on the buffalo box valve on the curb and the main water valve inside the house, there is still no water.
    Anyone ever experienced anything like this? Or suggest what the problem might be? If I need to get the city to check the buffalo box valve, that is going to take weeks, and I don't want to pay premium to plumbers to check the pipes and valves if the problem is not the main water valve... Thanks in advance.

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    Default No Water

    The plumber turned on the buffalo box valve....I assume thats what in the N.E. is called a curb stop?, and turned the main water valve in the house, where is the meter located?, I think I'm missing some info.

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    yes, the buffalo box is the curb box, and we have meterless account

    the setup is like this: city pipe (sewer) - buffalo box (sidewalk) - main pipe (under front yard) - main valve (crawlspace) - house pipes

    so somewhere from buffalo box to main valve is broken, I really hope the problem is not the main pipe (lead pipe, really old)

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    Default water

    The only way the lead pipe could be "broken" would be if a root encased the pipe and squeezed it shut, (I have only seen it happen a couple of times). Otherwise, if the Buffalo Box valve is open, (and hopefully he did not turn it 180 degrees which would have turned it off again), and your main valve is open, there is no reason you should not have water. The only other place the water could be shut off would be the corporation cock on the water main, and they would have had to dig a hole to turn that off.


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