Hey there. I just moved into a rental house that has an old Richdel assembly converted with LawnGenie L2034 adapters. I'm trying to get the automatic assemblies working with no luck.

The solenoids work just fine... I can kick them on manually at the control panel or use the timer. I've taken apart the assemblies to verify that the solenoids are opening.

The instructions say the following (previous steps in the instructions are wiring, etc).

Step 5: Turn the white flow control screw knob clockwise until it seats, closing the valive. Turn the water supply on. The valve will remian closed.

Step 6. Turn the black manual bleed screw knowb counterclockwise. This will allow water to flow through the valve as the flow control is backed out; adjust the flow control for desired flow. Tighten the manual bleed screw and the valve wil close.

The only way that I can get any water pressure to go to the sprinklers is to open all valves possible... the flow control valve (mine is black, not white like in the instructions), the bleed screw and the solenoid (there is a manual twist on/off fixture so I don't have to continue to go back and forth to the control box). When I do this, the bleed valves spray out water, but the sprinklers work. When I turn off the bleed valve, the sprinklers cut off, even though the solenoid is still open. The sprinklers only have a little dribble of water (if any) when I only have the solenoid OR the bleed valve turned on. Both are required to get any amount of flow.

My understanding is that opening either the bleed valve OR the solenoid should be required, not both.

Anyone have any ideas?