Hey guys,

Boy am I glad I found this place. I stumbled onto Terry's toilet review portion of the site and just noticed today that there is a plumbing forum. Glad to be here.

Ok, so I am in the Houston, Texas area and we are having our shower and floor in the master bathroom remodeled. They will be using the kerdi system from Schluter for the shower. We still have a couple things to pick out as far as cabinets and countertops, but the real question in my mind is what to do as far as the shower fixture. I am trying to decide between a traditional shower head or one of the more trendy shower "systems". I don't want one of the $5000 jobbies, as that makes no sense to me. But I could see spending maybe $1000 on something more upscale that gave me that "spa-like feeling". Right now we have a run of the mill Moen head that I hate. No frills at all and the adjustment angle is terrible. I'm 6'3" and like to shave in the shower. I can't move the head enough side to side not to have the water pelting me when I am trying to shave.

Two key points here.
1.) I have a Rheem Tankless water heater located in the attic, so I will theoretically never run out of hot water.
2.) The master bathroom is as far away as is possible from the location of the water heater. i.e. heater is in attic on far right side of two story home, master bath is on far left on first floor. The flow rate isn't horrible, but it's easily the lowest of any location in my home.

Anyway, I'm looking for recommendations from anyone who may have installed one of these systems and is happy with it's features, looks and quality, particularly if you don't have the world's highest water pressure. We DO have city water, not well water, if that makes any difference.

I've read on here that several people state that the Hansgrohe units really need a pretty hefty water pressure to be worthwhile, so that somewhat concerned me.

Thanks for any advice you can throw my way.

For what it's worth, I did search on these forums with the search engine before asking this question, but perhaps didn't use the appropriate terms to get a reasonable amount of "hits".

Thanks again.